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  • Private Terrace With Hot Tub and View of the Ocean
    Private Terrace: Magnificent Modern Home in Cape Town, South Africa

  • Sitting Chair with Modern Side Table
    Seating Area with Large Window

  • Contemporary Wood and Metal House in the Woods
    Contemporary Home Exterior Features Sleek Metal Walls

  • Neutral Transitional Bedroom With Color Pop
    Transitional Gray Bedroom With Turquoise Chair by French Doors

  • Neutral Contemporary Bathroom With White Soaking Tub
    Contemporary Bathroom Features Freestanding Tub & Shower for Two

  • Contemporary Mediterranean Home
    Contemporary Italian Farmhouse Backyard

  • Rustic Interior Balcony
    Indoor Bridge Connects Home's Two Wings

  • Luxury Montana Home Patio
    Luxury Montana Home Patio

  • Rustic Modern Front Porch
    Rustic-Modern Front Porch on Newly Built Farmhouse

  • Blue Passion Flower Vine
    ‘Empress Eugenie’ Passion Flower

  • Cement Building With Second-Story Balcony
    Contemporary Cement Design Studio With Top-Floor Balcony

  • White Contemporary Living Room
    Contemporary Living Room in Newly Built Farmhouse

  • Small Gray Design Studio With Cement Exterior Walls
    Contemporary Design Studio Features Cement Exterior

  • White Traditional Balcony
    Traditional Balcony on Los Angeles Historic Condominium

  • Seattle Skyline Exterior
    Sustainable and Beautiful Residence: Exterior

  • Georgia Home's Pool Area Blends Into Mountain Backdrop
    Pool Area Blends Into Georgia Mountain Backdrop