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  • Container Garden
    Container Garden

  • Playground Garden
    Playground Garden

  • Bridge Over Backyard Pond
    Garden Getaway

  • Make outdoor patios, porches and other spaces at least 10-14 feet deep says Chip Wade. Anything smaller and it is hard to create a functional space. When decorating outdoor spaces, keep things simple and stick with one color scheme as seen on HGTV.
    Outdoor Space Dimensions

  • Colorful Garden
    Colorful Backyard Garden

  • Rose Garden with Multicolored
    Rainbow Rose Garden

  • Perennial Cottage Garden
    Perennial Cottage Garden

  • Garden Path
    Cottage-Garden Greeting

  • Hanging art in fall garden
    Fabulous Fall Garden

  • Front Yard With Cottage Garden
    Front Yard Perennial Garden

  • Front Yard Flower Garden
    Home Garden With Birdhouse

  • Cottage Garden
    Cottage Garden at Entryway

  • Colorful Cottage-Style Garden
    Cottage-Style Garden Bed

  • Classic Patio
    Patio Overlooking Lush Garden

  • Red Barn Garden Shed With Picket Fence
    Red Barn Garden Shed

  • Spanish Garden with Fountain
    Spanish Garden With Fountain

  • Neutral Garden Shed
    Neutral Garden Shed in Pink Flower Garden with Stone Steps

  • Light Green and Dark Green Shrubs in Mulched Flower Bed
    Garden With Green Shrubbery