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  • Heated birdbath with robin
    Robin in Heated Birdbath

  • Mediterranean villa with pool
    Property Includes Heated Swimming Pool

  • Pond with pond heater
    Pond Heater

  • Pool With Stone Deck
    Heated Pool Surrounded by Stone Deck

  • Heated Slate Floor in Transitional Sunroom
    Transitional Sunroom with Heated Slate Floor

  • Poolside Pergola
    Beat the Heat

  • Solar-Powered Pool Heater
    Solar-Powered Pool Heater

  • Solar-Powered Water Heater
    Solar-Powered Water Heater

  • Large Wood-Paneled Sauna in Norwegian Airbnb
    Turn Up the Heat

  • rustic outdoor living space
    Entertaining Space With Heaters, Fireplace

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Units
    Heating and Air Conditioning Units

  • Beat the Heat Cold Treats

  • Modern Outdoor Dining Room
    Modern Outdoor Dining Room with Heaters

  • Patio Sitting Area With Black and Beige Striped Sofa and Beige Chairs
    Transitional Outdoor Living Space With Patio Heater

  • White Umbrellas and Lounge Chairs By Pool
    Light-Reflecting Umbrellas Beat the Poolside Heat

  • Beat the Heat Cold Treats Lead 3

  • Artificial Grass Around a Pool
    It's a Dry Heat: Artificial Lawn in Arizona

  • Built-In Heater in Gray and White Sitting Room
    Gray and White Sitting Room with Built-In Heater