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  • Mediterranean villa with pool
    Property Includes Heated Swimming Pool

  • Pool With Stone Deck
    Heated Pool Surrounded by Stone Deck

  • Solar-Powered Pool Heater
    Solar-Powered Pool Heater

  • View of Pool from Four Seasons Entertaining Space with Heaters
    Heaters Create Four Seasons Entertaining Space with View of Pool

  • Pool, Patio and Exterior
    Pool, Patio and Home Exterior

  • Modern Home with Backyard Pool
    Modern Home with Tranquil Backyard Pool

  • Hot Tub and Pool
    Large Hot Tub and Pool

  • Pool With Waterfall
    Large Pool With Waterfall

  • Backyard Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool in Backyard

  • Backyard with Long Swimming Pool
    Backyard With Decked Out Swimming Pool

  • Grand Backyard Space With Custom Swimming Pool
    Luxurious Backyard With Pool In Upper Constantia, South Africa

  • White Guest House With Columns and Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool: Pristine Georgian Colonial in Greenwich, Conn.

  • Pool and Fireplace
    Pool and Stone Fireplace

  • White Modern Home Exterior
    Modern Home Exterior and Grassy Yard

  • Swimming Pool and Patio
    Swimming Pool and Stone Patio

  • tropical outdoor space with pool
    Swimming Pool Overlooks Ocean

  • Arizona Outdoor Living and Dining Area
    Dramatic Desert Outdoor Living

  • Pool With Stepping Stones
    Pool With Stepping Stones and Patio