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  • Women Toasting at a Holiday Party in a Kitchen
    Haylie Duff's Holiday Party

  • White Staircase With Multicolored Decor
    Haylie Duff's Colorful Stairwell

  • Haylie Duff at Christmas party
    Haylie Duff at Holiday Party

  • White Christmas Tree With Colorful Ornaments
    Haylie Duff's Multicolored Christmas Tree

  • Living room with white Christmas tree and pink decorations
    Haylie Duff Holiday Living Room

  • Haylie Duff and Kelli Ellis Looking at Exterior Lights
    Haylie Duff With Designer Kelli Ellis

  • Kitchen with colorful party decorations
    Colorful Kitchen Holiday Party

  • Home With Christmas Light Display
    Colorful Christmas Lights Line Gray Home Exterior

  • Christmas Stockings and White Garland
    Holiday Stockings

  • White kitchen with Christmas decorations
    White Kitchen Goes Holiday Glam

  • Chandelier with hanging Christmas ornaments
    Christmas Chandelier

  • White christmas tree with multi colored ornaments
    Colorful Christmas Tree

  • White Christmas Tree with Colorfully Bold Decorations
    Bold and Vibrant Christmas Tree with Radiant Orchid Accents

  • Colorful Christmas Garland With Hanging Presents
    Present Garland