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  • Gray Farmhouse
    Gray Farmhouse on the Lake

  • Path to Guest House
    Gravel Path Leads to Guest House

  • Kids' Room
    Kids' Room in Rustic Farmhouse

  • Upstairs of Barn
    Grand Upstairs in Remodeled Barn

  • Spare Bedroom
    Spare Bedroom Boasts Rustic Flair

  • Bunk Beds
    Industrial Rustic Bunk Beds

  • Bedroom With Metal Beds
    Rustic Barnwood Bedroom With Metal Beds

  • Guest Bathroom
    Rustic Guest Bathroom With Industrial Features

  • Lakeside Farmhouse
    Serene Lakeside Farmhouse

  • Game Room
    Game Room Features Exposed Wooden Beams

  • Farmhouse at Dusk
    Farmhouse Exterior at Dusk

  • Guest House
    Rooms Mimic Horse Stalls

  • Side Porch With Fireplace
    Side Porch Features a Natural Stone Fireplace

  • Rustic Living Space
    Open Concept Living Space

  • Laundry Room
    Fully Equipped Laundry Room

  • Kids' Bedroom
    Kids' Bedroom With White Wooden Walls

  • Rustic Bathroom
    Rustic Bathroom in Farmhouse

  • Master Bedroom
    Shabby Chic Master Bedroom Retreat