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  • Metallic End Table
    Metallic End Table With Green Bowl

  • Green Dining Room
    Green Dining Room With Fruit Bowl

  • A Monster Hand Candy Bowl Made From a Green Glove
    A Terra Cotta Candy Bowl With a Green Monster Hand

  • White Kitchen With Blue Bowl
    White Transitional Kitchen With Blue Bowl

  • Bread Bowl Fondue
    Gouda and Beer Fondue in Bread Bowl With Green Apple Slices, Pear Slices and Bread Cubes

  • Oval Shaped End Table in Living Room With Wood Bowl & Green Filler
    Detail of Oval End Table & Decorative Bowl

  • Planter Made From Repurposed Vintage Sugar Bowl
    Planter Made From Repurposed Vintage Sugar Bowl

  • Woman Dumping Bowl of Chopped Onions Into Larger Bowl
    Add Green Onion

  • Shades of Green

  • Renovated Beach House Kitchen From HGTV
    Green Apple Accents

  • bowl of fruit
    Touch of Green

  • Thanksgiving Dough Bowl Centerpiece With Coordinating Colors
    Coordinate Linens and Tableware With a Dough Bowl Centerpiece

  • Traditional Garden with Stone Bowl Overflowing with Greenery
    A Large Stone Bowl Overflows with Greenery in a Garden

  • Modern Kitchen With Dark Cabinets and Tile Backsplash
    Kitchen: HGTV Green Home 2011

  • Foyer With Green Paneling
    Traditional Foyer With Green Paneling

  • Stone Hearth With Green Table
    Stone Hearth With Green Table

  • Green Contemporary Kitchen
    Green Contemporary Kitchen With Horseshoe Island

  • Blue and Green Kitchen Backsplash
    Blue and Green Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash