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  • Modern Stone and Gravel Pathway With Green Garden Wall
    Stone & Gravel Walkway

  • Gravel Path and Garden
    Gravel Path and Garden

  • Path and Gatehouse
    Gravel Path and Gatehouse

  • Gravel Walkway in Backyard Behind Four-Car Garage
    Gravel Walkway in Backyard

  • Slate and Gravel Walkway
    Slate and Gravel Walkway

  • Gravel Walkway
    Gravel Walkway and Gate

  • Path to Lawn
    Gravel Path to Lawn

  • Walkway and Bamboo
    Gravel Walkway and Bamboo

  • Garden With White Path
    Garden With White Gravel Path

  • Walkway With Palm Trees
    Gravel Walkway With Palm Trees

  • Gravel Path and Gate
    Curving Gravel Path and Gate

  • Side Garden
    Side Garden and Gravel Path

  • HGTV Smart Home 2015 Gravel Path
    Gravel Path and Privacy Fence

  • Cottage Garden With Path
    Cottage Garden With Gravel Path

  • Walkway and Lounge Chairs
    Gravel Walkway and Lounge Chairs

  • Neutral Farmhouse Exterior
    Farmhouse Exterior With Gravel Walkway

  • Sloped Garden and Mountains
    Sloped Garden and Gravel Walkway

  • HGTV Smart Home 2015 Landscaping
    Gravel Path in Contemporary Yard