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  • Exterior Of Stone Mansion With Rounded Landscaping And Driveway
    Gothic Revival Style Manor Exterior

  • Restored Gothic Revival Mansion
    Restored Gothic Revival Mansion in Australia

  • Luxury Backyard Retreat
    Luxury Backyard of Gothic Revival Mansion

  • Exterior View Of Hilltop Mansion With Large Trees And Yard
    Gothic Revival Style New York Mansion

  • Aerial View Of The Mansion And Surrounding Maintained Landscaping
    Aerial View Of Gothic Revival Style Mansion

  • Traditional Bath with Clawfoot Tub
    Traditional Bath in Restored Gothic Revival Mansion

  • Brown Traditional Study
    Cozy Home Office in Gothic Revival Mansion

  • Luxury Backyard Retreat Near Sydney
    Luxury Backyard of Historic Australian Home

  • Traditional Veranda with Harbor View
    Traditional Veranda with Picture-Perfect View

  • Traditional Pool and Patio
    Infinity Pool and Patio with View of Sydney Harbor

  • White Traditional Kitchen
    White Traditional Kitchen in Historic Mansion

  • Traditional Living Room
    Gray Traditional Living Room with Harbor View

  • Gray Transitional Sitting Room
    Transitional Sitting Room with Grand View

  • Cozy Traditional Living Room
    Classic, Warm Living Room in Luxury Retreat

  • Brick and White Traditional Home
    Brick and White Cottage Home