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  • Closet Turned Into Large, Elegant, Industrial Bathroom
    Large, Elegant, Industrial Bathroom Created from Closet

  • White Contemporary Living Room with Dimensional Tile Accent Wall
    Dimensional Tile Accent Wall in White Contemporary Living Room

  • Remodeled Duplex with First Floor Powder Room
    First Floor Powder Room in Remodeled Duplex

  • Small Guest Bathroom with Golden Yellow Accents
    Golden Yellow Accents Small Guest Bathroom

  • Pewter Vase and Ornamental Mirrors in Renovated Master Bathroom
    Renovated Master Bathroom with Ornamental Mirrors and Pewter Vase

  • Remodeled Upstairs Double Vanity Bathroom with Mirror
    Large Vanity with Mirror and Pendant Light in Remodeled Upstairs Bathroom

  • Renovated Galley Kitchen with Seating for Six
    Island with Seating for Six in Renovated Galley Kitchen

  • Open Floor Plan with No Walls in First Floor
    No Walls in First Floor Creates Open Floor Plan

  • Open Concept First Floor Created by Removing Walls
    Removing Walls Creates Open Concept First Floor

  • Storage in Stacked Upper Cabinets
    Stacked Upper Cabinets Reduce Wasted Space and Provide Storage

  • Bright Colored Loft Sitting Room
    Loft Sitting Room with Bright Colors

  • Home Office with Contemporary Furnishings
    Bright, Contemporary Home Office

  • Beach Vibe in a Traditional Dining Room
    Traditional Dining Room with a Beach Vibe

  • Gray Tile Hydroponic Planter
    Gray Tile Hydroponic Planter

  • Elegant, Contemporary Home with Open Concept Floor Plan
    Open Concept Floor Plan in Elegant, Contemporary Home

  • Green Kitchen With Blue Painted Cabinets
    Green Kitchen With Blue Painted Cabinets

  • Contemporary Kitchen with White Cabinets and Stainless Steel Table
    New, White Cabinets and Stainless Steel Dining Table in Bright, Contemporary Kitchen

  • Restored Duplex with Pantry in Kitchen
    Pantry Added to Large Kitchen in Restored Duplex