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  • Bedroom: Antique French Vanity, Painting & Wall Sculpture
    Antique French Vanity With French Relief Art and Wall Sculpture

  • Black Wood Wall and Gold Table
    Gold Console Table and Black Wood Wall

  • Neutral Contemporary Family Room
    Neutral Contemporary Family Room With Sculptures

  • Foyer With Modern Lamp And Gold Console Table With Sculpture
    Modern Foyer With Wood Accent Wall And Sculpture With Black Lamp And Console Table

  • Black-and-White Living Room
    Bold, Black-and-White Living Room With Gold Buffet

  • Traditional Gallery Wall
    Traditional Gallery Wall and Noel Pillow

  • Artwork in White Contemporary Living Room
    Art Gallery Wall in Contemporary Living Room

  • Seating Area With Round End Table and Brown Wall Art
    Contemporary Sitting Area With Neutral Wall Art

  • Brown Built-In Bookshelf
    Brown Built-In Textured Bookshelf With Yellow Wall

  • Traditional Blue Living Room With White Sofa
    Traditional Blue Living Room With White Sofa

  • Neutral Contemporary Dining Room
    Contemporary Cream and Black Dining Room

  • Transitional Bathroom With Metal Bull Towel Hook & Patterned Wallpaper
    Green Transitional Bathroom With Metallic Bull Towel Hooks

  • Bedroom Vignette
    A Colorful Bedroom Vignette

  • Stairway With Gallery Wall
    Soft Green Foyer With Mixed Styles

  • White and Orange Dining Room With Wooden Dining Table
    French Country Dining Room With Fresh Orange Accents

  • Transitional Guest Bathroom With Geometric Wallpaper and Pedestal Sink
    Transitional Bathroom With Green Geometric Wallpaper