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  • Foyer with Upcycled English Dresser as Focal Point
    Upcycled English Dresser Serves as Focal Point for Foyer

  • Bench Seating With Blue Cushions and Gold Pillows and Fabric Walls
    Blue Velvet Meets Rich Gold in an Eclectic Seating Area

  • Cozy Cabin Tablescape
    Cozy Cabin Christmas

  • Midcentury Modern Foyer with Metallics and Contrasting Neutrals
    Metallic and Contrasting Neutral Midcentury Modern Foyer

  • Ladder Shelf and Koi Art Piece in Spa Style Master Bathroom
    Asian Inspired Spa Style Master Bathroom with Koi Fish Art Piece and Cherry Stained Ladder Shelf

  • fall decor
    Craft a Giant Acorn

  • Fall Thanksgiving Tablescape with Turkey Motif on White and Gold China
    Fall Thanksgiving Tablescape with Green Turkey Motif on White and Gold China

  • Neutral Dining Room With Wainscoting and Metal Chandelier
    Neutral Dining Room With Metallic Chandelier

  • Traditional Formal Dining Room
    Formal Dining Room Mixes Patterns

  • Blue Living Room With Sun Mirror
    Blue Contemporary Living Room With Sun Mirror

  • Annuals With Canna Lily
    Variegated Cannas In Planting Bed

  • Bedroom With Accent Wall and Green Headboard
    Asian Bedroom With Green Headboard and Patterned Wallpaper Accent Wall

  • Eclectic Traditional Bathroom Vanity
    Updated Traditional Bathroom Vanity With Blue-Gray Cabinetry

  • Neutral Eclectic Sitting Room With Patterns
    Eclectic Neutral Sitting Room With Varying Patterned Furniture

  • Wire plant stand
    Victorian Plant Stand

  • Wood Transitional Dining Room
    Transitional Wood Dining Room With Plum Chairs

  • Gold Ornamental Grass For Shade
    Japanese Forest Grass

  • Dracaena, Polka-Dot Plant, False Aralia
    Houseplants In Colorful Cachepots