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  • Amber and Yellow Crystal Globe on Mesh Tabletop
    Gold Waterford Crystal Globe

  • Gray Glass Pendant In Front of Multicolored Graffiti Wallpaper
    Globe Pendant & Graffiti Wallpaper

  • Stairs and Globe Pendants
    Stairs With Globe Pendants

  • Globe Amaranth 'Forest Pink'
    Globe Amaranth 'Forest Pink'

  • Nightscaping with Globe Lighting
    Nightscaping with Globe Lighting

  • Bathtub and Globe Pendant
    Bathtub and Globe Pendant

  • Christmas Tree Snow Globe
    Christmas Tree Snow Globe

  • Globe Thistle 'Blue Glow'
    Globe Thistle 'Blue Glow'

  • Christmas Tree Snow Globe
    Christmas Tree Snow Globe

  • Living Room With Globe
    Mediterranean Living Room With Globe

  • Country Kitchen With Globe
    White Country Kitchen With Globe

  • Hall With Black Pendants
    Hall With Black Globe Pendants

  • Staircase With Globe Pendants
    Staircase With Small Globe Pendants

  • Globe Pendants in Kitchen
    Globe Pendants in White Kitchen

  • Globe Pendants and Dining Table
    Dining Table and Globe Pendants

  • Globe Pendant Light
    Globe Pendant Light in Kitchen

  • Library With Globe Pendants
    Contemporary Library With Globe Pendants

  • edible snow globe
    A North Pole Snow Globe