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  • Gaspar Home Exterior With Wooden Columns.
    After: Gaspar Home Exterior

  • Whitney Gaspar Reacts to Home Renovation
    Gaspar Home Reveal Reaction

  • Gaspar Home Renovation Recap
    Renovation Recap in Gaspar Home

  • Newly Renovated Landscaping at Gaspar Home
    Fresh Landscaping at Gaspar Home

  • Kitchen With New Cabinetry and Appliances
    Gaspar Home Kitchen After Renovation

  • Exterior of Home With Cedar Columns
    Transformed Exterior of Gaspar Home

  • Gaspar Home Reveal
    Joanna Gaines During Gaspar Home Reveal

  • Gaspar Home Reveal
    Gaspar Home Reveal With Joanna Gaines

  • After: Exterior of Gaspar Home
    Exterior of Gaspar Home After Renovation

  • Gaspar Home Reveal
    Before the Big Gaspar Home Reveal

  • Fixer Upper Reveal
    Fixer Upper Hosts Reveal Renovated Gaspar Home

  • Gaspar Home Reveal
    Martin Gaspar Reacts to Home Reveal

  • Home Office Shelf Detail
    Home Office With Wooden Shelves

  • Renovated Home Office With Natural Wood Desk
    Home Office With Natural Wood Secretary Desk

  • Fixer Upper Host in Renovated Dining Room
    Joanna Gaines in Renovated Dining Room

  • Fixer Upper Host Joanna Gaines
    Joanna Gaines in Newly Renovated Room

  • Living Room Coffee Table Decor
    White Flowers in Vintage Glass Bottles

  • Vase of Flowers in Renovated Living Room
    Flowers in Vase on Wood and Metal Side Table