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  • Frosted Cupcakes in Cake Cones
    Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

  • Moscow Mule at Thanksgiving
    Perfect Thanksgiving Moscow Mule

  • red drinks served with a straw and orange slice
    Mocktails for Baby and Bridal Showers

  • Herb Allium Chives
    Herb Allium - Chives

  • Cranberry Mule Recipe
    Cranberry Mule in Copper Mug

  • Peppermint-Topped Holiday Cupcakes
    Peppermint-Topped Holiday Cupcakes


  • Frozen Treats Lead

  • Water Feature
    Artistic Column Water Feature With Floral Topper at Elegant Home Front Entrance

  • Party Drinks With Colorful Menu Cards
    Ornament Party Drinks With Colorful Menu Cards

  • Food trays at Diffrent Ranges of Height
    Range of Height

  • Okra pod on plant
    ‘Clemson Spineless’ Okra

  • Brunch coffee station
    Coffee Bar


  • Cranberry Sauce
    Cranberry Sauce and Orange Slices

  • Key Lime Pies in Small Ramekins
    Mini Key Lime Pies

  • Pavlova dessert with cranberry garnish
    Holiday Brunch Dessert

  • Fresh Lemonade
    Mint Lemonade