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  • Cocktail Garnishes for Bar
    Provide Adequate Cocktail Garnishes

  • Calendula Stems In Gazpacho
    Mango Spacho With Calendula Garnish

  • Whiskey Cocktail
    Whiskey Cocktail With Citrus Garnish

  • Herb Garnish On Gazpacho
    Mango Spacho With Cilantro Garnish

  • Lime Cocktail Garnish
    Lime and Grapefruit Cocktail Garnish

  • Closeup of Peppermint Patty Cocktail With Chocolate & Candy Garnishes
    Peppermint Patty Cocktail and Garnishes

  • Classic Martinis With Lemon Garnish
    Classic Martinis With Lemon Garnish

  • Edible Garnishes at Fall Tablescape Place Setting
    Edible Garnishes Carry Over Fall Centerpiece

  • Whiskey Cocktails With Garnish
    Whiskey Cocktails With Garnish and Decanter

  • Slice of Gingerbread Cake With Candy Cane Garnish
    Layered Gingerbread Cake With Peppermint Garnish

  • Apple Mojito
    Green Apple Mojito With Fresh Mint Garnish

  • Sazerac
    Sazerac Cocktail With Lemon Peel Twist Garnish

  • Whiskey Cocktail
    Rusty Nail Cocktail With Lemon Peel Garnish

  • Apple Mojito
    Green Apple Mojito With Mint and Lime Garnish

  • Rusty Nail Mixed Drink
    Rusty Nail Cocktail on Ice With Fresh Garnish

  • Bacon Cheese Balls
    Bacon Cheese Balls With Sprinkled Scallion Garnish For Party Food Bites

  • Stuffed Cherry Tomato Appetizer
    Robert Irvine's Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed With Chicken Apple Salad Topped With Rosemary Garnish

  • Homemade Orange Juice With Garnish
    Fresh Juice