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  • Mediterranean Garden With Red Flowers
    Tuscan-Style Garden With Urn

  • Blue Urn Fountain With Shrubs and Potted Citrus Tree
    Beautiful Garden Features Urn Fountain

  • Three Gray Urns With Flowers
    Container Gardening With Outdoor Urns

  • Backyard Patio and Pool
    Backyard With Urn Container Gardens

  • Stone Paver Walkway, Stone Urn and Ornamental Grasses
    Urn Focal Point in Minimalist Garden

  • Flowing Urns Feature in Islamic-Inspired Garden
    Islamic-Inspired Garden Features Flowing Urns

  • Fountain With Urn in Garden
    Garden Fountain Boasts Deep Blue Urn

  • Garden Gravel Terrace With Antique Fountain And Brick Details
    Cottage Garden With Brick Paths And Fountain

  • Aechmea fasciata bromeliad houseplant
    Urn Plant

  • Winterberry arrangement in urn
    Winterberry Urn

  • Mediterranean Patio With Fountains
    Mediterranean Patio With Urn Fountains

  • Stone Tile Pathway, Stone Urn and Ornamental Grass Garden
    Stone Paver Walkway Circles Around Classical Urn

  • Red and Green Traditional Living Room
    Traditional Living Room With Moroccan Influences

  • Opulent Gold Living Room Glows With Beauty
    Opulent Gold Living Room Glows With Beauty

  • Landscaped Garden Walkway With Hedges and Container of Pansies
    Garden Walkway With Shrubs

  • Blue and Purple Hydrangeas Beside Two-Sided Fountain
    Double-Sided Garden Fountain

  • Water is Central Feature of Islamic-Inspired Garden
    Inspiration from Traditional Islamic Gardens

  • Backyard Inspired by Traditional Islamic Gardens
    Inspiration from Traditional Islamic Gardens