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  • California Garden Tower
    Garden Tower in California Yard

  • Greenery and  Garden Tower in California Yard Makeover
    Escondido, California, Yard Makeover With Greenery and Garden Tower

  • Eclectic Garden with Bright Red Bench and Metal Sculpture
    Garden with Eclectic Red Bench and Oversize Metal Artwork

  • Blue Passion Flower Vine
    ‘Empress Eugenie’ Passion Flower

  • Stone Path and Palm Trees
    Stone Path and Palm Trees

  • Colorful Modern Home with Abundant Garden
    Modern Home Exterior with Abundant Garden

  • 16 perfect patios from intimate designs to wide open configurations
    The Patio as a Portrait Gallery and Casual Dining Space

  • Play With Scale

  • tropical garden with paved path
    Tranquil, Tropical Garden

  • A lounge area next to a swimming pool
    A Transitional Poolside Lounge Area

  • Old Friend

  • Tall Black-Eyed Susan
    ‘Herbstonne’ Rudbeckia

  • Pollinator Bog Plant
    Joe Pye Weed

  • Wedding lighting
    Bistro Wedding Lights

  • Native Plant
    ‘Little Volunteer’ Tulip Tree