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  • Backyard With Stacked Stone Wall & Ornamental Grasses
    L-Shaped Gabion Wall

  • Bench and Fire Pit
    Gabion Bench and Fire Pit

  • Grill With Gabion Cage
    BBQ Area With Gabion Cage

  • Steel Fins and Stone Gabion Wall

  • Greenness of Plants Accentuated by Brown Gabion Wall
    Brown Gabion Wall Accentuates the Greenness of the Plants

  • Desert Hardscape with Stone Gabion Wall and Steel Fins
    Desert Hardscape with Steel Fins and Stone Gabion Wall

  • Modern Southwest Yard Gabion Wall and Drought Resistant Plant
    Drought Resistant Plant and Gabion Wall in Modern Southwestern Yard

  • Southwestern Landscape Design with Gabion Wall and Desert Plants
    Gabion Wall and Drought Friendly Plants in Southwester Landscape Design

  • Desert Front Yard with Gabion Wall to Prevent Erosion and Desert Flora
    Gabion Wall to Hold Off Erosion and Weather Resistant Plants in Desert Climates

  • Southwestern Style Landscape with Drought Resistant Plants
    Gabion Wall and Drought Resistant Plants with Elegant Gray Stones in Southwestern Style Landscape

  • Water Conscious Landscape Design with Cactus and Yucca Plants
    Yucca and Cactus Plants in Front of Gabion Wall in Water Conscious Landscape Design

  • Patio With Wood Pergolas
    Concrete Patio With Wood Pergolas

  • Pergola Covered Patio
    Pergola Covered Patio With Grill

  • Southwestern Style Home Landscaped with Reclaimed Materials
    Reclaimed Materials and Desert Plants Landscape This Southwestern Style Home

  • Modern Outdoor Space With Infinity Pool and Fire Bowl
    Luxurious Backyard With Fire Pit and Infinity Pool

  • Front Yard with Natural Hues That Mimc the Desert Landscape
    Natural Hues Bring the Desert Landscape to Life in Southwestern Front Yard

  • Southwestern Landscape Inspired by the Desert
    Desert Inspired Southwestern Landscape