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  • Modern Houseboat with Full Size Kitchen
    Full Size Kitchen on Modern Houseboat

  • Children's Bedroom
    Children's' Bedroom with Crib and Full-Sized Bed

  • ESCAPE Vista with Full-Size Shower
    Full-Size Shower with Hot Water Aboard the ESCAPE Vista

  • Neutral Traditional Kitchen With Professional Appliances
    Traditional Kitchen With Marble Countertop and Full-Size Refrigerator-Freezer

  • Full-Size Bathroom in ESCAPE Vista
    Toto Toilet and Modern Sink in ESCAPE Vista's Full-Size Bathroom

  • Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Fill Bedroom With Natural Light
    Pair of Full-Sized Beds in Neutral Contemporary Bedroom With Large Windows

  • ESCAPE Vista Bedroom Area with TV
    Full Sized Day Bed with Pop-Up Flatscreen TV and Blue-Ray Player in ESCAPE Vista

  • Human-Sized Space

  • Brown Wood Wall-Sized Bookshelf With Closed TV Nook & Green Glassware
    Family Room With Full-Wall Entertainment Center

  • Neutral Bathroom with a Double Vanity
    Contemporary Neutral Bathroom with a Double Vanity

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Dresser Topped With Accessories and Lamp
    Cottage-Style Dresser

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Bed With Tufted Headboard in Guest Room
    Nail Head Trim

  • Gray Rustic Wet Bar
    Gray Rustic Wet Bar With Patio Access

  • Beach Paradise Condo Great Room Kitchen and Dining Area
    Beach Paradise Condo Great Room Kitchen and Dining Area

  • contemporary outdoor dining room
    Curtains Reveal Outdoor Dining Area

  • Neutral Transitional Small Kitchen
    Transitional Small Kitchen With Breakfast Bar

  • Smart Home 2016 Stainless Steel Laundry Room Sink
    Stainless Sink

  • Laundry Room and Refrigerator
    Laundry Room With Refrigerator