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  • Traditional Front Yard With Boxwood Garden, Bird Bath
    Boxwood Parterre Garden Adds Curb Appeal

  • Stone Home With Wood Shutters
    Evergreen Shrubs and Ornamental Grasses Add Charm to Stone Guest House

  • Dwarf Pine For Foundation Planting Or Rock Gardens
    Dwarf Mugo Pine

  • Holly Bush In Snow
    Castle Spire Holly

  • Low Maintenance Dwarf Evergreen Shrub
    Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae

  • Stone Garden Walkway Surrounded by Lush Green Landscape and Perennials
    Lush Backyard Garden With Purple and Yellow Perennials

  • Dwarf Evergreen Spruce
    Bird’s Nest Spruce

  • Juniper Under Arborvitae Evergreens
    Maney Juniper

  • Thuja occidentalis ‘Bobozam’
    Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae

  • Yew Under Tree With Garden Bench
    Taunton Spreading Yew

  • Pink Lily Of The Valley Shrub
    Valley Valentine Pieris

  • Variegated Boxwood Shrub
    Wedding Ring Boxwood

  • Garden Cart
    Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

  • Plant Arrangement
    Plant Arrangement on Porch

  • Entrance With Dwarf Evergreens
    Landscaped Entry With Mixed Border

  • ‘Impish Elf'® Lily of the Valley
    ‘Impish Elf'® Lily of the Valley

  • Wood Garden Folly
    Ornamental Wood Folly Featuring Spa-Like Lounge Chairs and Asian Decor

  • Backyard Patio with Plenty of Seating and Good Ambiance
    Cozy Inviting Backyard Patio