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  • Gardens and Brick Paths
    Formal Gardens and Red Brick Paths

  • Waterfront Formal Garden
    Waterfront Formal Garden With Hedges

  • A lawn framed by boxwood hedges
    A Formal Lawn Framed by Hedges

  • A formal water feature
    A Formal Water Feature Nestled in a Hedge

  • Colonial farmhouse with stone retaining wall
    Stone Wall, Trimmed Hedges Create Formal Entrance to Colonial Farmhouse

  • Greek Revival home with stone walkway
    Hedges, Stone Walkway Create Formal Entrance to Greek Revival Home

  • Front Yard With Hedges
    Front Yard With Hedges

  • Hedge and Pink Flowers
    Trimmed Hedge and Pink Flowers

  • Porch and Gardens
    Porch and Gardens With Hedges

  • Backyard Formal Garden
    Formal Garden Approach

  • Formal Garden 411

  • traditional stone mansion
    Trimmed Hedges and Trees Create Enchanting Entry

  • formal garden with topiaries and hedges
    Topiaries, Hedges Radiate From Center of Garden

  • Formal Garden
    Formal Garden and Vine

  • Formal Garden With Fountain
    Formal Garden With Circular Fountain

  • Formal Garden With Fountain
    Formal Garden With Round Fountain

  • Formal Garden With Pavers
    Rear Formal Garden With Pavers

  • Formal Garden and Brick Wall
    Formal Garden With Brick Wall