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  • HGTV Dream Home 2016 Pillows and Art in Master Bedroom
    Focal Point

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Blue and Taupe Artwork in Dining Room
    Focal Point

  • White Marble Vanity with Blue Mosaic Tile Backsplash
    Focal Point

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Pink Desk Chair in Gray Home Office
    Focal Point

  • HGTV Dream Home 2016 Swordfish Thread Art in Terrace Bathroom
    Focal Point

  • HGTV Spring House 2017: Use natural focal points in outdoor spaces
    Focal Point

  • HGTV Spring House 2017: Furniture faces swimming pool focal point
    Focal Point

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Custom Art Over Media Room Buffet
    Favorite Focal Point

  • Traditional Kitchen Renovation From Beach Flip
    Marquee Light Focal Point

  • Waterfall and Pond
    Water Feature Focal Point

  • Backyard With Gray Pavers, Columnar Trees & Brick Water Feature
    A Backyard's Focal Point

  • Purple Linen Window Draperies
    Create a Window Focal Point

  • Renaissance-era villa and atrium
    Arch Becomes Natural Focal Point

  • Room's Focal Point: Fireplace
    Fireplace is the Focal Point

  • Kitchen With Multiple Focal Points
    A Kitchen Full of Focal Points

  • Stone Paver Walkway, Stone Urn and Ornamental Grasses
    Urn Focal Point in Minimalist Garden

  • Use artwork as a decorative focal point in any space to add ambience.
    Decorative Focal Point - Eclectic Art

  • Large Cacti in Front of Stone Home
    Front Cacti Garden Bed Focal Point