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  • Green-and-Gold Shrub in Large Blue Pot
    Large Cobalt-Blue Flowerpot With Euonymus Shrub

  • Green Container With White and Red Cyclamen
    White and Red Cyclamen Plants in Green Flowerpot

  • Cyclamen and Aloe in Green Containers
    Light-Green Flowerpots With Cyclamen and Aloe Plants

  • Yellow Mums in Scrolled Iron Window Box
    Iron Window Planter With Yellow Chrysanthemums in White Flowerpots

  • Black Flowerpot Stand With Yellow Flowers
    Yellow Flowers in Terra-Cotta Flowerpot on Black Metal Stand

  • Planter Box and Flowerpot Filled With Golden-Green Cotyledons
    Golden-Green Cotyledon Shrubs in Bronze-Colored Flowerpot and Wooden Planter

  • Redwood Deck With Green Pots of Cyclamen
    Green Pots of Red and White Cyclamen on Redwood Deck

  • Golden Euonymus Shrub in Teal Flowerpot
    Weathered Teal Pot Planted With Golden Euonymus Shrub

  • Pink Flowers in a Bronze-Colored Pot
    Bronze-Glazed Container With Pink Flowers

  • Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
    Wood Cabinet With Pots and Coffee Table

  • Paper Pinwheel Decorations
    Paper Pinwheels

  • Branch Christmas Tree With Ornaments
    “Plant” a Tree