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  • Milk Pitcher and Wooden Tray
    Elegant Flower Vase

  • Asian Flower Vase
    Asian Style Flower Vase With White Hydrangeas

  • Kitchen Shelf With Vases
    Kitchen Shelf With Flowers and Vases

  • Vase of Flowers in Renovated Living Room
    Flowers in Vase on Wood and Metal Side Table

  • Flower Bouquet
    Flower Bouquet in White Vase

  • White Ceramic Vase With Orange and Red Silk Flowers
    White Ceramic Vase With Flowers

  • Daffodils on Bathroom Counter
    Flowers in a Simple Vase

  • Dining Room Decor
    Large Glass Vase With White Flowers

  • Pink Flowers in Traditional Living Room
    Pink Flowers in Simple Glass Vase

  • Two Vases of Flowers and Peach Drapery in Eclectic Living Space
    Flowers Displayed in Vintage Recycled Vases

  • Mason Jar Vases
    Mason Jar Vases With Yellow Flowers

  • Glass Jar With Green and White Plant
    Green Flowering Plant in Glass Vase

  • Wood Mantel is Decorated with Antique Glass Jars
    Fixer Upper: Antique Jugs with Flowers Decorate Wood Mantel

  • DIY Butternut Squash Case with Fresh Flowers
    DIY Butternut Squash Vase with Fresh Flowers

  • Round Table, Green Vase of Flowers and Colorful Accessories
    Glass Table With Vase of Red Flowers

  • Bouquet and Flower-Topped Cake
    Vase of Flowers and Freesia-Topped Cake

  • Outdoor Living Space With Blue Vase
    Outdoor Living Space With Blue Vase for Flowers

  • Coastal Office Flower Arrangement
    Coastal Office with Clear Vase and Flower Arrangement