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  • Southern Magnolia
    Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Saint Mary’

  • Garlic Mustard In Bloom
    Garlic Mustard

  • ‘Sweet Summer Love’ Clematis
    Fragrant Clematis

  • Clematis sp. ‘Stefan Franczak’
    Brother Stefan Clematis

  • Chipmunk And Sunflower Head
    Chipmunk On Sunflower

  • Grandiflora Rose
    Kiss Me Easy Elegance Rose

  • English Shelling Peas
    Bistro Peas In Bowl

  • Asclepias Native Plant
    Orange Butterfly Weed

  • Oxalis
    Yellow Wood Sorrel

  • Christmas Cactus
    Christmas Cactus

  • Flowering Vine For Hummingbirds
    Trumpet Vine

  • PowWow Wildberry Coneflower
    Purple Coneflower

  • Hops For Pale Ale
    ‘Cascade’ Hops Vine

  • Hydrangea

  • Aphids On Butterfly Weed

  • Wild Morning Glory
    Common Bindweed