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  • two-story shingled home with travertine walkway
    Travertine Walkway Lined By Flower Beds Leads to Shingled Home

  • traditional backyard with stone statue
    Small Statue, Flower Beds Become Focal Point of Traditional Backyard

  • Patio With Fire Pit and Koi Pond
    Fire Pit and Patio Edged by Koi Pond, Terraced Flower Beds

  • Backyard with Grass and Curved Walkway
    Eclectic Backyard Plot with Deck, Flower Beds and Tiered Grass Lawn Areas

  • Yellow Home Exterior
    Classy, Traditional Home Exterior With Flower Bed Palm Trees and Light Brick Driveway

  • A bocce court and swimming pool divide by sculpted flower beds
    Sculpted Shrubbery and Flower Beds Divide the Swimming Pool and Bocce Court in a La Jolla Garden

  • Beautiful Spring Flowers
    Landscaped Backyard With Spring Flowers

  • Garden Bed With Purple Flowers
    Raised Garden Bed With Purple Flowers

  • Brick Home With Picture Window & Raised Flower Garden
    Raised Flower Garden Beside Two-Car Garage

  • Flower Garden with Courtyard and Chicken Coop
    Flower Garden with Courtyard, Wildflowers, Topiaries and Chicken Coop

  • Lavender And Petunias With Rock Edging
    Mixed Stones Bed Edging

  • Multicolor Eclectic Bedroom Details
    Turquoise Bed Frame With Vintage Rust Flower Panel, Multicolor Bed Comforter and Multicolor Rug

  • Organic Garden
    Organic Garden With Raised Beds and Wall-Mounted Flower Planters

  • Container Garden For Early Spring
    Flowering Stock

  • Garden Figurines
    Figurines in Garden

  • Wood Deck with Red Plants
    Wood Deck with Red Flowers in Square Beds with Surrounding Grasses and Plants

  • Lavender Herb
    Lavender Flower Buds

  • Marigolds
    French Marigold Flowers