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  • Modern Open Concept Living Area
    Modern Open Concept Living Area and Stairs

  • Floating Staircase in Noho Loft
    Noho Loft's Floating Staircase

  • White Contemporary Hall With Wood Stairs & Light Hardwood Floor
    Floating Wood Staircase

  • Modern Brown Wood Stairs With Glass Railing
    Modern Staircase With Floating Wood Steps & Glass Railing

  • Modern Floating Stairs With Glass Railing & Skylights
    Floating Wood Staircase With Gray Accent Wall & Skylights

  • Contemporary Wood Stairs With Wood Ceiling & Hardwood Floor
    Contemporary Floating Staircase With Cable Railings

  • Wood Stairs With Cable Railings & Metal Base
    Contemporary Floating Staircase With Warm Wood Accents

  • Brown Dog at Top of Floating Staircase
    Staircase With Vertical Cable Railing

  • Gray Exterior With Steel, Concrete and Stone Accents
    Contemporary Exterior With Steel Stairs and Concrete Planters

  • Modern Floating Staircase
    Modern Floating Staircase

  • Stairs in Penthouse
    Modern Stairs in Penthouse

  • Modern Stairs
    Modern Stairs and Hall

  • Blue Traditional Entry with Contemporary Art
    Blue Traditional Entry

  • Stairs and Wood Paneling
    Modern Stairs and Wood Paneling

  • Stairs and Wood Cabinet
    Modern Stairs and Wood Cabinet

  • Contemporary Foyer With Wood Floor, Columns and Staircase
    Sleek Foyer With Warm Wood Accents

  • Modern Foyer With Floating Staircase And Contemporary Furniture
    Modern Foyer With Glass Staircase And Railings And Contemporary Furnishings

  • Floor-to-Ceiling Windows and Marble Fireplace in Modern Living Room
    Bright, Spacious Living Area With Contemporary Features