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  • Reading nook in a nursery features a bunny decal and floating shelves.
    Whimsical Nursery with Large Bunny Wall Decoration and Floating Book Shelves

  • Guest Bedroom With White And Gold Accents And Floating Book Shelves
    Eclectic Guest Bedroom With Floating Book Shelves And White And Gold Accents

  • Shelves With Kids' Books
    Floating Shelves With Kids' Books

  • Contemporary Nursery With Floating White Shelves For Books
    Floating White Shelves For Books In Contemporary Nursery

  • Jackie Cantwell's Kitchen Is Accented With Floating Shelves
    Colorful Books Are Stacked on a White Floating Shelf

  • A Variety of Decorative Accents Fill Open Shelving
    White Floating Shelves Are Filled With Books, Accessories and Decorative Accents

  • White Spine Bookshelf
    Vertical Book Storage

  • Modern gray armchair and book display shelf in a nursery.
    Book Display Shelves and a Soft Gray Armchair and Ottoman Complete an Inviting Reading Corner

  • Floating Shelf In Kids Room With Books And Piggy Banks
    Green Floating Shelf

  • Bookshelves in Nursery
    Floating Bookshelves in Nursery

  • Floating Wooden Bookshelves With Photos, Books and Knick-Knacks
    Natural Wood Floating Shelves

  • Living Room Detail With Rope Chair And Built In Cabinet And Book Shelf
    Modern Cottage Living Room Detail With Wood And Rope Chair And Built In Cabinet And Shelf

  • Floating Shelves in Eclectic Tween Bedroom
    Eclectic Accessories on Floating Shelves

  • White Floating Shelf With Toys
    White Floating Shelf With Toys

  • Nursery With Floating Bookshelves
    White Nursery With Floating Bookshelves

  • Floating Shelf in Nursery
    Playful Display on Floating Shelf

  • Floating Nightstand
    Industrial Sconce and Floating Nightstand

  • Contemporary Hallway With Floating Shelves
    Decorative Floating Shelves in Contemporary Hallway