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  • Black and White Foyer
    First Impression

  • Front Exterior and Driveway
    Lasting First Impression

  • Pocket Doors and Blue Sitting Room
    Perfect First Impression

  • Welcoming Living Room
    Favorable First Impressions

  • Traditional Gray Foyer With Large Round Mirror
    Great First Impression Entryway

  • Front Door of a Craftsman Style Home
    Favorable Front Door First Impressions

  • modern home
    Modern Home Makes Great First Impression

  • Contemporary, White Foyer With Abstract Art
    Contemporary Entryway Makes Bold First Impression

  • Exterior of Home With Stone Facade & Portico
    Landscaped Yard Leaves Good First Impression

  • Neutral Entry With Travertine Tile Floors and Iron Front Doors
    Iron Front Doors Make Grand First Impression

  • Grand First Impressions Made by Elegant Wood and Rich Patterned Tile
    Elegant Wood and Rich Patterned Tile Make Grand First Impresion

  • Driveway and Exterior
    Driveway and Home Exterior

  • Metal Garden Gates
    Metal Gates Into Garden

  • Thank You Note #2 - After A Job Interview
    When and How To Send A Thank You Note: After A Job Interview

  • Gray Front Door
    Gray Front Door and Entry

  • Black Door With Two Round Windows
    Contemporary Black Front Door With Circular Windows

  • Cushioned Bench in Spacious Foyer
    Spacious Foyer With Cushioned Bench

  • Striking Home Entryway
    Eclectic Entryway With Colorful Wallpaper