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  • Fall Color Ivy
    Boston Ivy

  • Bicolor Clematis With Pink And Purple
    ‘Nelly Moser’ Clematis

  • Native Plant Shrub
    Kodiak Orange Diervilla

  • Ornamental Grass For Fall Interest
    Feather Reed Grass

  • Fragrant Summer Clematis
    ‘Sweet Summer Love’ Clematis

  • Apple Cider With Cinnamon Stick And Cloves
    Mug Of Apple Cider

  • Vine With Good Fall Color
    ‘Yellow Wall’ Virginia Creeper

  • Cyclamen Metis Victoria Deco Mix

  • Native Plant Moosewood
    Striped Maple

  • Purple Clematis
    Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

  • Peeling Apples With Peeler
    Apple Peels

  • Native Plant Fothergilla Major
    Large Fothergilla

  • Applesauce With Sliced Apple
    Homemade Applesauce

  • Crape Myrtle Small Tree
    Early Bird Lavender Crape Myrtle

  • Native Plant
    ‘Little Volunteer’ Tulip Tree

  • Zamioculcas (ZZ Plant)
    Zamioculcas (ZZ Plant)

  • Red Maple Seeds Or Helicopters
    Hot Wings Maple

  • Native Shrub Fall Color
    Scarlet Beauty Sweetspire