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  • Playroom
    Fun Fabrics, Patterns Outfit Playroom

  • Contemporary Living Room with Picture Window
    Fabrics, Patterns at Play on Contemporary Furnishings in Living Room

  • Traditional Bedroom With Striped Wallpaper
    Traditional Bedroom With Classic Patterns and Fabrics

  • Vintage Green Bench
    Vintage Green Bench With Palm Fabric

  • neutral kid's bedroom with gray and white patterned headboards
    Kid's Bedroom With Black and White Pattern Headboards

  • Kids' Bedroom With Patterned Twin Beds
    Kids' Bedroom With Patterned Twin Beds

  • Playful Patterns

  • Patterned Pillows

  • Mixing Patterns

  • Pattern Play

  • Red and White Fabric Garland
    Fabric Scrap Garland

  • Green Fabric Headboard
    Green Fabric Headboard

  • Play with Patterns

  • Emerald Green Malachite Fabric
    Emerald Green Malachite Fabric

  • Holiday chair swag made of fabric scraps
    Fabric Scraps Chair Swag

  • wintry themed vignette with fabric covered books
    Wintry Fabric-Wrapped Books

  • Desk Nook With Patterned Desk, Ornate Mirror And Fabric Chair
    Patterned, Pink Desk Nook

  • Pillow Covered in Missoni Womenswear Fabric
    Patterned Pillow and Drapes