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  • Master Bedroom with Wallpaper Accent Wall
    Wallpaper Accent Wall in Master Bedroom

  • Formal Dining Room with Reflective Chandelier
    Reflective Chandelier in Formal Dining Room

  • Clean Bright Kitchen Without Wall
    Wall Removed in Clean Bright Kitchen

  • Making the Bed in Master Bedroom
    Property Brothers Make the Bed

  • Mostly Modern Living Room with Rustic Bench
    Rustic Bench in Mostly Modern Living Room

  • Living Room with Sleek Furniture and Pops of Color
    Sleek Furniture and Pops of Color in Living Room

  • First Floor with Clear Sightline
    Clear Sightline in First Floor

  • Final Knob Installed by Jonathan
    Jonathan Installs Final Knob

  • Small Objects Make Interesting Wall Decor
    Unique Wall Decor Using Small Objects

  • Bathroom with Light Mint Green Walls
    Light Breezy Bathroom