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  • Sleek Black and White Staircase and Foyer
    Contemporary Foyer Stairs and Entryway

  • Foyer Stairs
    Foyer Stairs With Walnut Railing

  • Eclectic Entryway Tiled Step Risers
    Entryway Stairs With Tiled Step Risers

  • Cream and Mint Foyer With Brown Wood Stairs
    Contemporary Foyer Stairs With Wire Railing

  • Front Door and Wood Entryway Stairs for Contemporary Home
    Contemporary Home Entryway Stairs and Front Door

  • Foyer With Stairs
    Contemporary Foyer With Stairs

  • Foyer and Stairs
    Rustic Foyer and Stairs

  • White Foyer With Art
    White Foyer With Stairs

  • Foyer and Stairs With Runner
    Contemporary Foyer and Stairs With Runner

  • Stairs With Vine Wallpaper
    Foyer and Stairs With Vine Wallpaper

  • Black and White Foyer
    Black and White Foyer and Stairs

  • Stairs With Pendant Light
    Foyer and Stairs With Pendant Light

  • Reading Nook and Staircase Decked Out in Garland
    Reading Nook in Foyer and Stair Space

  • Gray And Black Foyer With Modern Accessories And Stairs
    Contemporary Gray And Black Foyer And Stairs

  • Foyer and stairs in the HGTV Dream Home 2012
    HGTV Dream Home 2012 Foyer and Stairs

  • Colonial Stairs With Runner
    Colonial Foyer and Stairs With Sisal Runner

  • Foyer and Stairs Decorated With Citrus Fruits for the Holidays
    Entryway and Stairs Decorated for the Holidays

  • Transitional Foyer Stairs
    Foyer Stairs With Purple, Gray and Black Stair Runner, Wood Columns and Wallpaper Accent Wall