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  • Wicker Dining Chair With Red Bow, Floral Sprig, Pine Cones and Berries
    Dining Chair Embellishment

  • Black, white, and green Christmas gift wrapping
    Christmas Gifts with Paper Ornament Embellishment

  • Gifts with paper ornaments
    Embellished Christmas Gifts

  • Gray, White and Orange Decorative Pumpkins on Bales of Hay
    Embellished Halloween Pumpkins

  • easter eggs decorated wtih rhinestone stickers
    Embellished Easter Eggs

  • A Gold Bell Wreath Sitting on a Napkin and Plate
    A DIY Gold Bell Wreath Place Setting Embellishment

  • Black and White Bookshelf
    Built-In Bookcase With Black & White Floral Wall Embellishment

  • White Holiday Twig Mirror
    Winter Twig-Embellished Mirror

  • Wood Vanity With Granite Countertop and Detailed Mirror
    Eclectic Embellished Mirror and Bathroom Vanity

  • DIY Yard Ornament Christmas Card
    Kids' Craft: Yarn Embellished Ornament Card

  • Eclectic Living Room With Leather Sectional
    Exotic Embellishments in Eclectic Living Room

  • Roman Shade With Green Trim and Crystals in Yellow Floral Bathroom
    Embellished Roman Shade in Yellow Floral Bathroom

  • White Tablecloth With Brown Lace Trim on Country Dining Table
    Country Dining Table With Embellished Fall Tablecloth

  • Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Embellished with Sparkle
    Gift Wrap Embellished With Lace and Glitter

  • Contemporary White Sitting Room
    Artsy Contemporary Sitting Space With Unique Sofa, Color Patch Carpeting and End Tables With Nailhead Embellishment

  • Neutral Transitional Living Room
    Elegant Transitional Living Room With Neutral Furniture, Bright Green Accents and Natural Wood Coffee Table With Nailhead Embellishment

  • Wrapped Christmas Gifts With Ribbon and Pine Cone Embellishments
    Wrapped Christmas Gifts With Ribbon and Pine Cone Embellishments

  • Tropical Swimming Pool
    Nighttime View of Luxurious Tropical Swimming Pool With Waterfall Embellishments and Stone Tile Patio