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  • A lounge area next to a swimming pool
    A Transitional Poolside Lounge Area

  • Modern House and Garage
    Modern House, Garage on Hilly Lot

  • Night View of Contemporary Home Exterior With Stone Columns
    Contemporary Home Features Built-In Covered Patio

  • Mediterranean Patio With Fire Bowls, Pool, Spa & Arches
    Mediterranean Patio At Dusk Features Infinity Spa, Luxurious Pool, Warming Fire Bowls & Enchanting Lounge

  • Cream Vanity With Modern Linear Pulls in White Bathroom
    Contemporary White Bathroom With Chic Cream Vanity

  • A loft kitchen that features cabinetry and butcher block countertops.
    Functionality is Key

  • A Multifaceted Tiny Space

  • Exterior With Deck and Pool
    Front Exterior With Decks and Pool

  • Modern Front Facade of Redesigned Home
    Redesigned Home's Modern Front Facade

  • Depth and Drama Added to Home's Curb Appeal
    Modern Home's Renovated Exterior Adds Depth and Drama to Its Curb Appeal

  • French Country Home With Welcoming Porch
    French Country Home With Elegant Gardens

  • Brown Rustic Living Room
    Ski Getaway Living Room with Stunning Views

  • Rear View of Brown Colonial Home Exterior
    Rear Facade of Classic Colonial Home With Screened Porch

  • Contemporary Kitchen With Copper Island Cabinetry
    Copper Cabinetry Offers Unexpected Touch in Elegant Contemporary Kitchen

  • Spanish Colonial Revival Home Backyard
    Beautiful Backyard off Colonial Revival Home

  • Transitional Brown Master Bathroom
    Elegant Master Bathroom With Rustic Charm

  • Side Patio Area With Wood Detail
    Charming Side Yard Porch

  • Mediterranean-style courtyard with stone fireplace
    Charming Mediterranean-Style Courtyard