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  • two story back deck with plenty of seating and beautiful view
    Two-Story Backyard Deck

  • White Contemporary Dining Room With Black Room Divider Wall
    Super-Architectural Space

  • Sage Exterior With Front Door, Mahogany Railing & Yellow Pine Beams
    Elevated Front Porch With Rich Mahogany Railing

  • Wood Walkway Under Elevated Pool
    Walkway Under Elevated Pool Leading to Beach

  • Elevated Deck & Cabana
    Gray Elevated Deck & Cabana

  • Contemporary Deck and Balcony With Outdoor Furniture and Pool
    Balcony & Pool Deck

  • White Modern Kitchen
    Modern, All-White Kitchen with Natural Light

  • Contemporary Entrance Overlooking Living Space
    Contemporary Foyer in Open Concept Home

  • Backyard Swimming Pool With Elevated Spa
    Swimming Pool: French Normandy Beauty in New Canaan, Conn.

  • Redrock Mountain Las Vegas Home
    Las Vegas Home at the Base of the Redrock Mountains

  • Back Exterior of Modern Home With Covered Patio and Infinity Pool
    Gas Fire Pits Flank Modern Infinity Pool

  • Green Home Exterior With Elevated Front Porch & Exposed Support Beams
    Coastal Home Exterior With Horizontal Porch Design

  • Concrete Modern Exterior
    Exterior of Modern Home With Wood Accent Panels, Concrete Walkway & Mulched Landscape

  • Contemporary Pool and Patio
    Contemporary Patio with Infinity Pool, Hot Tub

  • Lots of Windows in Modern Farmhouse's Rear Elevation
    Modern Farmhouse's Rear Elevation with Lots of Windows

  • Illinois Home with Antebellum Charm
    Antebellum Characteristics Add Charm to Illinois Home

  • Dining Room With Watercolor Wallpaper
    Contemporary Dining Room With Watercolor Wallpaper

  • Oceanfront Home in Chile with Green Roof
    Oceanfront Home in Chile with Green Roof