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  • Foyer
    Elegant Foyer

  • Elegant Entryway
    Elegant Entryway

  • Entrance to Mediterranean home
    Elegant Entryway

  • Modern Entry With Limestone Wall, Oak Floors And Nearby Kitchen Island
    Modern Rustic-Elegant Entryway

  • An elegant entryway with dark wood floors and large area rug.
    Elegant Entryway with Area Rug

  • White Marble Entryway with Bench and Wall Art
    Elegant Foyer With Wall Art

  • Spacious Entryway
    Elegant Foyer with Kitchen Views

  • Contemporary Entry With Hardwood Floor, Blue Settee & Artwork
    Elegant Foyer With Turquoise Accents

  • Neutral Traditional Foyer With Round Table, Neutral Area Rug
    Elegant Entryway Features Stunning Chandelier

  • Sweeping Foyer Staircase in Wallpapered Foyer, Green Stair Runner
    Elegant Foyer With Sweeping Staircase

  • Neutral Elegant Foyer With Natural Art
    Elegant Entryway With Stunning Arched Windows

  • Transitional Entryway With Gray Tufted Settee & Staircase
    Elegant Foyer With Round, Tufted Settee

  • Foyer's Hand-Painted Sky Ceiling With Colorful Blown Glass Edge
    Ornate Sky Ceiling in Elegant Foyer

  • Close Up View Of Entryway With Carpeted Staircase And Pendant Light
    Elegant Traditional Entryway

  • Bold, Elegant Foyer
    Elegant, Bold Foyer

  • Guests Welcomed into Bold, Elegant Foyer
    Bold, Elegant Foyer Welcomes Guests to Home

  • White, Traditional Foyer With Staircase
    Traditional, Elegant Foyer Full of Architectural Details

  • Foyer With Metal Chandelier and Black & White Checkerboard Floor
    Elegant Foyer With White Staircase and Checkerboard Floor