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  • Mid-Century Eichler Home Renovation
    Eichler Home Updated for the 21st Century

  • Mid-Century Eichler Home Renovation
    Renovated Kitchen with Adjoining Grill Area

  • Mid-Century Eichler Home Renovation
    Remodeled Side Entrance to Home

  • Midcentury living room
    Living Room Pairs Midcentury Buffet With Unexpected Art

  • Modern open-concept kitchen
    Modern Open-Concept Dining Room

  • Midcentury living room
    Open-Concept Living Room Layered With Color

  • Mid-Century Eichler Home Renovation
    Nighttime View of Remodeled Front Entrance

  • Midcentury dining room
    Midcentury Dining Room Rich With Natural Light

  • Private courtyard comprised of wood and stone
    Modern Courtyard Includes Stone Surround

  • Outdoor sitting area
    Modern Sitting Area Showcases Neutral Furniture

  • Midcentury family room
    Midcentury Family Room With Eames Chair

  • Outdoor Furniture For Six Sits Between Large Hedge And Home
    Modern Outdoor Space With Hedge

  • Modern kitchen with green accent wall
    Modern Kitchen Showcases Sprightly Green Backsplash

  • Midcentury living space
    Midcentury Buffet Displays Geometric, Teal Accents

  • Midcentury family room
    Midcentury Family Room Showcases Eames Chair

  • Midcentury family room
    Midcentury Family Room Enlivened By Bright Colors

  • Midcentury master suite
    Midcentury Master Bedroom With Orange Bed Frame

  • Midcentury master bedroom
    Midcentury Master Suite With Bright Bed Frame