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  • Green Foyer With Brass Floor Lamp and Bamboo Umbrella Holder
    Foyer Features Eclectic Mix of Furnishings

  • White Modern Bedroom
    White, Modern Bedroom with Eclectic Mix

  • White Eclectic Foyer
    Modern Entry with Eclectic Mix of Accessories

  • White Floating Shelves and Eclectic Accessories
    Eclectic Mix of Accessories on Floating Shelves

  • Eclectic Accessories, Contemporary Chess Set
    Eclectic Mix of Accessories is Stylish, Fun

  • Eclectic, Gray Dining Room With Round Table
    Eclectic Mix of Furniture in Gray Dining Room

  • Neutral Eclectic Bedroom
    Eclectic Mix, Custom Touches Blend in Boho Bedroom

  • Eclectic Living Space
    Living Space Features Eclectic, Modern Mix

  • blue sofa in living room
    An eclectic mix of materials provides a lived-in look.

  • Stairwell Gallery
    Mixing Natural Elements

  • White Rolled-Arm Sofa with Gray Chevron Throw Pillows
    Mixed Pattern Eclectic Loft

  • Cozy Cabin Feel with Mixed Textures
    Mixing Textures for Cozy Cabin Feel

  • Eclectic Green Living Room
    Eclectic Green Living Room

  • How to Mix Patterns
    Mixing Plaids & Prints

  • Mixed Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Eclectic Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Eclectic Living Room With Tufted Sofa, White Coffee Table
    Eclectic Living Room Mixes Styles

  • Eclectic Living Room With Tray Ceiling
    Eclectic Living Room Mixes Styles

  • Living Room with Modern Leather Sofa and Tiki Entertainment Center
    Eclectic Living Room Mixes Styles