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  • White Foyer With Metallic Pendant, Small Console, Large Art
    Eclectic Foyer

  • An Eclectic Entryway

  • Eclectic Foyer With Round Bar Cart
    Eclectic Foyer with Parquet Floors

  • Eclectic Entryway With White Console Table, Round Mirror, Blue Rug
    Eclectic Entryway is Welcoming, Stylish

  • Striking Home Entryway
    Eclectic Entryway With Colorful Wallpaper

  • Neutral Foyer With Green Chandelier, Stone Pedestals, Blind
    Eclectic Entryway With Stone Pedestals

  • Oddly Shaped Foyer With Round Table, Large Mirror & Red Ceiling
    Eclectic Foyer With Red Ceiling

  • Eclectic Foyer With Built-in Bench and Shelves
    Eclectic Foyer is Welcoming, Sophisticated

  • Eclectic Foyer
    Eclectic Foyer With Red Rug

  • Blue Foyer With Bench, Brick Floor, Framed Art
    Brick Floor in Eclectic Foyer

  • Foyer with contrasting design styles: coastal and contemporary.
    Eclectic Foyer With Teardrop Wallpaper

  • Foyer With Purple Dresser
    Eclectic Foyer With Purple Dresser

  • Foyer With Green Sofa
    Eclectic Foyer With Green Sofa

  • Foyer With Pink Loveseat
    Eclectic Foyer With Pink Loveseat

  • Foyer With Blue Sheepskin
    Eclectic Foyer With Blue Sheepskin

  • Orange Eclectic Foyer
    Orange Eclectic Foyer With Rug

  • Eclectic Purple Entryway
    Eclectic Entryway With Purple Wallpaper

  • Foyer With Gold Wallpaper
    Eclectic Foyer With Gold Wallpaper