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  • eclectic entryway with blue-and-white walls
    Eclectic Entryway With Dreamy Blue Backdrop

  • Green Eclectic Foyer
    Green Eclectic Foyer With Green Vase

  • eclectic entryway with vintage cabinet
    Eclectic Entryway With Antique Mirror, Cabinet

  • Yellow Armchair
    Gray Eclectic Foyer and Yellow Chair

  • eclectic foyer with black console table
    Eclectic Foyer With Chic Black Console Table

  • Eclectic Entry With Eastern Accents, Wood Floor & Spiral Staircase
    Eclectic Foyer Features Eastern Accents & Spiral Staircase

  • Red Foyer with Skylight
    Modern-Eclectic Foyer in Contemporary Reno Home

  • Multicolored Eclectic Foyer
    Multicolored Eclectic Foyer With Painting of Room

  • Black and White Stair Railing in Eclectic Foyer
    Eclectic Foyer with Black and White Stair Railing

  • Black and White Eclectic Entryway With White Console Table
    Black and White Eclectic Foyer Features Lucite Benches

  • Eclectic Foyer With Bold Black-and-White Floral Wallpaper
    Eclectic Foyer With Graphic Black and White Floral Wallpaper

  • eclectic entryway with exposed brick wall
    Exposed Brick Adds Sense of History to Eclectic Entryway

  • Eclectic Gray Entry With Spiral Staircase & Eastern Cabinet
    Eclectic Foyer Features Eastern Influenced Cabinet, Sconce & Striking Spiral Staircase

  • Eclectic Gray Loft Foyer
    Eclectic Gray Foyer With Storage Cabinet

  • Eclectic Entryway With Spiral Staircase & Pendant Lights
    Eclectic Foyer Features Ornate Middle Eastern Pendant Lights & Strong Spiral Staircase

  • Eclectic Red Foyer with Decorative Black Cabinet
    Eclectic Red Foyer with Decorative Black Cabinet

  • Eclectic Neutral Foyer
    Artsy Eclectic Foyer With Gold Greyhound Statue, Colorful Abstract Art and Upholstered Bench

  • Eclectic Home's Warm Courtyard Entrance
    Warm Courtyard Greets Guests at Eclectic Home's Entryway