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  • Yard and Purple Flowers
    Yard With Purple Flowers

  • Modern Pool and Courtyard
    Modern Pool and Courtyard

  • Down-Time Heaven

  • Vegetable garden path with straw
    Straw Garden Path

  • Raised Herb Garden
    Herb Garden in Raised Bed

  • Fire Pit and Pergola
    Fire Pit Sitting Area and Pergola

  • Indoor Japanese Container Garden with Bonsai and Stone
    Indoor Japanese Container Garden

  • Seamless Entertaining
    Indoor and Outdoor Living Area

  • Front Yard With Zen Garden, Wood Fence and Stone Walkway
    Manicured Front Yard With Zen Design

  • Garden View of Living Area
    Garden View of Home Exterior and Living Area

  • Outdoor Dining Room
    Salad on the Fly

  • succulent
    Potted Succulents

  • Contemporary Container Garden
    Open-Air Herb Garden

  • Sunflower 'Crimson Blaze'
    Sunflower 'Crimson Blaze'

  • Small Balcony With Container Garden
    Small Balcony With Container Garden and Trees

  • Grounds and Swimming Pool
    Grounds With Swimming Pool

  • Small meditation room looks out on a colorful perennial bed.
    Small Meditation Room In Garden

  • Neutral Contemporary Patio
    Urban Patio With Dining Area and Hot Tub Featuring Brick Red Fabrics and Colorful Plants