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  • Ornamental Grass and Russian Sage
    Drought Tolerant Perennials

  • Colorful Drought-Tolerant Plants
    Colorful Drought-Tolerant Plants

  • Southwestern Driveway With Drought-Tolerant Flowering
    Southwestern Driveway With Drought-Tolerant Plants

  • Round Swimming Pool With Outdoor Pavilion & Terraced Garden
    Terraced Garden With Drought-Tolerant Plants

  • Green Rancher With Red Garage Door
    Modern Rancher With Drought Tolerant Landscaping

  • Ivy-Covered Wall Framed by Boxwoods
    Drought-Tolerant Plants Complement Existing Ivy and Boxwoods

  • Tudor Home Exterior With Brick Walkway and Green Garden Edging
    Brick Walkway Framed by Drought-Tolerant Plants and Boxwoods

  • Potted Tree and Concrete Bench
    Drought-Tolerant Shrubs and Artwork Fill Otherwise Blank Corners

  • Coastal Live Oak Tree Surrounded by Cedar Shingle Wall
    Coastal Live Oak Tree is Tolerant of Salty Air, Drought

  • Southwestern Driveway
    Southwestern Driveway

  • Tuscan Home With Raised Stone Garden
    Tuscan Home and Landscaping With Stone Retaining Wall

  • Olive Tree With Olives
    Growing Olives

  • Garden With Grasses
    Garden With Ornamental Grasses

  • Garden With Gravel
    Garden Bed With Gravel

  • Cedar Fence at HGTV Smart Home 2015
    Landscaping Along Privacy Fence

  • Mcgregor House After Renovation
    Mcgregor House After Renovation

  • Garden and Hot Tub
    Garden and Hot Tub With Mountain View

  • Garden with Ornamental Grasses and Water Fountain
    Desert Garden with Modern Pond and Fountain