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  • Dining Room With Gray Wood Table & Gold Light Fixture
    Dining Area Features Gray Farmhouse Table & Gold Light Fixture

  • White Dining Room With Black Trim and Dramatic Arched Light Fixture
    Dining Room Design Blends Heavy, Dark Lines With Curves of Light Fixture

  • Gray Midcentury Modern Dining Room
    Crystal Fringed Light Fixture Over Midcentury Modern Dining Room With Plate Wall

  • blue transitional dining room with chandelier
    Formal Dining Room Features Tree-Inspired Fixture

  • Gray Powder Room with Black Light Fixture, White SInk
    Urban Gray Powder Room with Black Light Fixture

  • NeutralLiving Room with Recessed Lighting and Light Fixture
    Neutral Rustic Living Room with Contemporary Light Fixture

  • Bold Living Room with Midcentury Modern Light Fixture
    Midcentury Modern Light Fixture in Bold Living Room

  • Eclectic Living Room
    Bohemian Living Room With Striking Modern Light Fixture

  • Sunroom with Sofa, Desks and Black Light Fixtures
    Custom Light Fixtures Brighten Sunroom

  • Hanging Metal Light Fixture
    Unique Twisted Metal Light Fixture

  • Neutral Living Room with Black Square Light Fixture
    Contemporary Neutral Living Room with Black Light Fixture

  • Snowflakes on Light Fixture
    Snowflakes Hung From Light Fixture

  • Exposed Light Bulb Encased in Metal Mesh Fixture
    Industrial Metal Mesh Light Fixture

  • Dining Space with Chandelier
    Bright Natural Light Dining Room

  • A bright Tudor dining room with loads of lightening.
    Light-it-up Dining Room

  • Contemporary Dining Room
    Light-Filled Contemporary Dining Room

  • Dining Table With Contemporary Plant Centerpiece
    Dining Room With Modern Lighting

  • Dining Room With Large White Lamp Shades and Green Accent Wall
    Dining Room With Pendulum Lighting