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  • Outdoor Dining Room with Covered Pergola
    Dining Deck Pergola

  • Contemporary Backyard With Raised Deck
    Raised Dining Deck in Contemporary Backyard

  • Patio With Elevated Wood Deck, Lounge Area and Dining Area
    Patio With Wood Dining Deck and Lounge Area

  • Contemporary Dining Deck
    Urban Dining Deck With Privacy Hedges and Wicker Dining Chairs

  • Wood Deck With Wood Dining Table and Black Metal Dining Chairs
    Southern Deck Dining Area

  • Patio Dining Room With Wicker Chairs
    Under-Deck Patio Dining Room

  • Backyard and Dining Table
    Deck and Outdoor Dining Table

  • Beach House Deck With Outdoor Dining
    Oceanside Deck With Outdoor Dining

  • Contemporary Deck With Outdoor Dining Area, Seating Areas and a View
    Rooftop Deck With Outdoor Dining Area

  • Roof Deck With Covered Dining Area
    Roof Deck With Covered Dining Area

  • Backyard With Raised Deck and Dining Table With Bench Seats
    Zen Deck With Outdoor Dining Area

  • Outdoor Rooms on Composite Deck
    Curved Deck and Dining Room

  • Neutral Contemporary Outdoor Dining Area
    Contemporary Coastal Deck Dining Area

  • Roof Deck Dining Area
    Roof Deck Dining Area With Grill

  • Roof Deck Dining Room
    Roof Deck Dining Room With Bench

  • Back Deck With Pergola and French Doors
    Transitional Deck Perfect for Outdoor Dining

  • Upper-Deck Outdoor Dining Area With Table and Umbrella
    Upper-Deck Outdoor Dining Area

  • Swimming Pool And Outdoor Dining Table
    Pool Deck With Dining Area