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  • Depth and Dimension in Kitchen Space
    Wood Cabinets Create Depth and Dimension in Kitchen Space

  • Portion of a white subway tile shower stall with brushed hardware.
    White Subway Tile Adds Dimension to Bathroom Shower Stall

  • Neutral Bathroom with Warm Storage Towers
    Storage Towers Add Warmth, Height and Dimension in Neutral Bathroom

  • Neutral, Contemporary Open-Plan Kitchen
    Drop Ceiling Adds Depth and Dimension in Neutral, Contemporary Kitchen

  • Modern White Bathroom with Double Vanity
    Add Dimension and Style with Mosaic Tile To Any Double Vanity.

  • Neutral Master Bedroom with Ebony Four Poster Bed
    Ebony Four Poster Bed Adds Height, Dimension and Contrast to Neutral Master Bedroom

  • Sitting Room with Striped Accent Wall
    Striped Accent Wall with Mirrors Adds Depth and Dimension to Smaller Sitting Room

  • Boy's Bedroom with 3-D Accent Wall
    3-D Accent Wall in Boy's Bedroom

  • Midcentury Modern Shower with Illica Ceramic Tile Accent Wall
    Illica Ceramic Tile Accent Wall in Midcentury Modern Shower

  • Hallway with Dramatic, Dimensional Design
    Dramatic, Dimensional Hallway

  • Wow Factor in Modern Foyer with Ceiling Art Piece
    Ceiling Art Piece Gives Modern Foyer a Wow Factor

  • Rug and Mirror in Modern Hallway
    Modern Hallway with Rug and Mirror

  • Contemporary Living Room that is Cozy and Airy
    Cozy and Airy Contemporary Living Room

  • Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Accents and Oriental Rug
    Wood Accents and Oriental Rug Add Color and Warmth to Farmhouse Kitchen

  • Master Bathroom with Three Dimensional Stone Backsplash
    Three Dimensional Stone Backsplash in Master Bathroom

  • Master Bathroom with Large Vanity with Double Sinks
    Large Vanity with Stylish Double Sinks in Master Bathroom

  • Blue First Floor Bathroom
    Warm Blue Guest Bathroom

  • Terracing Masonry Walls in Home's Front Yard
    Home's Front Yard with Terracing Masonry Walls