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  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Striped Sectional Sofa With Nail Head Trim
    Detail with Dimension

  • Make outdoor patios, porches and other spaces at least 10-14 feet deep says Chip Wade. Anything smaller and it is hard to create a functional space. When decorating outdoor spaces, keep things simple and stick with one color scheme as seen on HGTV.
    Outdoor Space Dimensions

  • Photos, Football and Books Arranged on White Built-in Bookshelf
    Bookshelf With Dimension

  • White Contemporary Living Room With Striped Throw
    Add Dimension with Texture

  • Desert Landscape with Trees for Added Dimension
    Trees Add Dimension to Desert Landscape

  • Blue & White Graphic Wall With White Crib
    Geometric Wall Adds Dimension to Nursery

  • White Spanish Great Room
    Spanish Living Room with Dramatic Dimensions

  • Master Bedroom with Dimension and Texture
    Accent Wall Adds Dimension to Master Bedroom

  • Dimension and Interest in Modern Bathroom Design
    Modern Bathroom Design with Dimension and Interest

  • modern backyard
    Concrete Steps Add Dimension to Outdoor Space

  • Dimensional Backyard Design
    Layered Backyard Design Creates Dimension in the Space

  • Texture and Dimension in Wet Room
    Wet Room with Lots of Texture and Dimension

  • Neutral Open Plan Space With Kitchen, Dining Room, Chandeliers
    Dramatic Accents Add Dimension to Open Plan Space

  • Angled Double Cherry Vanity With Gray Walls, Tile Floor
    Angled Double Vanity Adds Dimension to Contemporary Bathroom

  • View Looking Down on Living Room With Teal Wall, Stacks of Books
    Accent Wall Adds Dimension to Lofty Living Room

  • Small Angular Bedroom with Blue Accent Wall and Ikat Bedding
    Accent Wall Adds Dimension in Chic Contemporary Bedroom

  • Contemporary Bathroom With Red Tile Wall and Round Mirror
    Red Tile Wall Adds Dimension to Contemporary Bathroom

  • Powder Room With Geometric Tile Pattern
    Geometric Tile Pattern Adds Extra Dimension to Powder Room