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  • Wood Bookshelf With Geometric Shelves & Spindles in Green Living Space
    Midcentury Modern Bookcase Doubles as Room Divider

  • White Table With Collection of Decor
    Bright Room With Bold Accessories

  • Square Fire Pit with a Modern Twist

  • Contemporary Square Fire Pit
    Contemporary Square Fire Pit

  • Magnetic Bulletin Board and Desktop Accessories on Desk
    Desktop Accessories Can be Functional and Pretty

  • Sophisticated Man Cave

  • Book Planter with Succulent
    Tabletop Planter From a Vintage Book

  • A Picture-Perfect Interior

  • Decorative Garden Hose Pot
    Decorative Garden Hose Pot

  • Antique Glasses Add Non-Traditional Flair
    Unexpected Holiday Hues

  • Entry Bench With Holiday Decor
    Remember Usability

  • White Tabletop Trees
    Make it Odd

  • White Modern Great Room With Gray Sofa & Hardwood Floor
    Floating House: Great Room Looking South

  • Fairlane Hotel Lobby

  • Decorative Fence Edging For Plant Borders
    Iron Fence Edging

  • Vintage Mix

  • Transitional Desk Work Space
    Watercolor Painting and Vintage Candle Light Fixtures Over Stylish Desk Set Up With White Upholstered Wood Chair

  • Rooftop Garden
    College Rooftop Garden