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  • Desert Garden
    Desert Garden With Grasses

  • Desert Garden and Stone Path
    Desert Garden and Stone Walkway

  • Walkway in Desert Garden
    Stone Walkway in Desert Garden

  • Contemporary Desert Garden with Sliding Gate
    Contemporary Desert Garden with Sliding Gate

  • Courtyard Garden With Lush Greenery and Green Water Fountain
    Desert Garden With Green Water Fountain

  • Garden with Ornamental Grasses and Water Fountain
    Desert Garden with Modern Pond and Fountain

  • Expansive Grounds Surround Contemporary Southwestern Ranch
    Contemporary Southwestern Style Ranch with Desert Garden

  • Cactus Garden
    Cactus in Garden Bed

  • Cactus and Rock
    Cactus and Rock in Garden

  • Contemporary Southwestern Home with Lovely Courtyard
    Gorgeous Contemporary Home with Southwestern Garden

  • Rustic Garden
    Rustic Low-Maintenance Garden

  • Succulent Container Garden
    Desert Patio Landscaping

  • Curved Stone Walkway
    Curved Garden Walkway

  • Garden With Grasses
    Garden With Ornamental Grasses

  • Drought-Tolerant Garden
    Drought-Tolerant Garden With Purple Plants

  • Modern fire pit
    Notched Garden Wall Showcases City Skyline

  • Spanish Exterior and Lavender
    Spanish Exterior and Low Water Garden

  • Desert Garden Bed With Cacti and Large Boulder
    Large Cactus Focal Point Garden Bed and Container With Seasonal Color